Liz & Her Load

Hi y’all! My name’s Liz, and this is my second blog. I started writing one for my travels and found that I like it so much, I’d start another. I’ve found myself having a lot of sensitive-subject thoughts, or personal/non-travel related thoughts and I don’t want to clog it up, so this is now in the making. This one’s more for tracking my favorite pop culture, thought dumping and maybe food recs though. Once I get myself figured out I’m thinking of having set posts to come out on a certain day/x times a month (think Movie Monday, Song Sunday or some other lame theme, except less cheesy), but for now I’m busy and just setting things up. If you want more info check my bio page, but here’s the debrief on important things.

  • I’m a 20 year old undergrad from New England
  • Currently abroad but normally at a women’s college
  • Fave colors: teal, turquoise, goldenrod, non-neon orange, burgundy/maroon (can’t tell from the pantone online compare, I guess we’ll all be stuck wondering which)
  • Buffalo wings, takoyaki and avocados are my jam
  • Scorpio gal who loves November – birthdays abound, autumn leaves and the crisp air, what’s not to adore?
  • Pokemon and Harvest Moon are the only games I play, but they’re great
  • Always down for board games and it seems I’m the only one, also dig Bananagrams and card games
  • I now sympathize with adults for not reading often, as I used to never be without a book and now I can barely even pick one up for class
  • I love huskies/malamutes and want to meet a wolf
  • I love throwing parties and having the kitchen gadgets/cool serving ware to do so

There’s plenty of other stuff I could throw in here but for now this feels like a random and sufficient rundown of me. As I said, I’ll write up a bio page soon enough. For now this is rushed since I literally just wanted to make this in time to make a post of my November top tunes before the month is over. Inspiring, right? So this is where I’ll cut it, but expect more soon. As I touched upon before, my goals for this baby are:

  • tunes of the month
  • playlists
  • movie reviews
  • travel review/dream spots
  • thought dumps (broad and specific)
  • rants over socioeconomic and political issues
  • recipes (baking nights?!)

Ok I’m cutting this for real, catch you around!