Top Tunes: November ’16

This month has been a wild ride. I had a fall break in a lovely town by the ocean, where I hit 20, to find out the next day that my country is going to be run by Cinnabun Hitler. It was the first big holiday away from home (as in, countries away) and I’m still good, but everyday is filled with me poring over the news for at least an hour. I have great friends that I can’t wait to go home to, but it’ll be at least another 7 months until then. Basically I don’t know what to make of the past 30 days but here’s the soundtrack that followed me through them.

  1. CocoonMilky Chance*
    >desperate and pleading. on the verge of breaking, if not already there. [stumbling through youtube]
  2. Fresh EyesAndy Grammer*
    >super light and full of discovery. soft sunlight and giggling. [iTunes top whatever]
  3. Tears (feat. Louisa Johnson) – Clean Bandit*
    >strong and self-determined. [Louisa Johnson X-Factor audition]
  4. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes OffElla Eyre*
    raw and disappointed. [looking through her songs]
  5. Groovin’ On My Baby’s LoveFreddie Waters
    >smooth and uplifted in a mellow way. [Daisy’s cafe, trip 2]
  6. ShineSammy Rae**
    >light. it’s been a long road [I’ve been following this girl for ages]
  7. Rockabye BabyClean Bandit
    >dips. [more Youtube recs]
  8. Crooked TeethDeath Cab For Cutie
    >that knowing sideways look with a silent conversation. [Lizzie highly recommended it]
  9. In A Black OutHamilton Leithauser & Rostam
    >nostalgic. [Apple commercial in Japan]
  10. (What A) Wonderful WorldSam Cooke *
    >smooth charmer, makes you laugh against your will. [Daisy’s Cafe, trip 2]
  11. 前前前世RADWIMPS
    >reaching out and up. making it. [this blared from every radio, with me unable to figure out what it was, until the stranger on the bench told me]
  12. Brothers On A Hotel BedDeath Cab For Cutie
    >rainy days and a worn old heart. [Lizzie’s fave from Death Cab]
  13. La Vie En RoseEdith Piaf
    >warbling, far-reaching and grandiose. [JM fanfic]
  14. JealousLabrinth
    >oh so, so heavy. what have you lost? [an old ear worm]

Format: Song – artist. A brief impression of it (the feel of the sound, not the lyrics) followed by where/how I found it. Order is most to least listened to. Click here for more Top Tunes (updated monthly).


*I sing along to these 🙂

**her whole album Sugar is honestly worth a listen, particularly songs no. 4-6, 8,9. note that none of it is on youtube (she’s pretty young, indie and as of yet unknown) but itunes previews are very lovely and doable.