Playlist: Still With Her, Pt.1

This playlist is a response to the U.S. election over a month ago. As a voter who stood with Hillary, human rights, the environment and competent political leadership amongst many other things, I am beyond disappointed in the outcome of the election. Though I’ve undergone various responses to the results, ranging from disgust to fear to anger to determination to grief, my first and foremost feeling was one of mourning. Grief over the loss of a steadily progressing future, loss of human rights for those both American and of other countries, loss of respect for and trust in people I know who valued the lies and bullying of a fascist over honest change and the betterment of our shared future.

I’ve created an assortment of musical reactions to the election, and will post them as time carries on. This playlist, however, carries through my sadness, grief and want to just retreat from all of this crap. The reluctant acceptance of what’s happened and a slow but sure rallying cry to fight. My feelings have since changed and there will be later playlists on those feelings, but for now I give you this. (Youtube playlist here.)

  1. The End of All ThingsPanic! at the Disco
  2. Hallelujah Jeff Buckley
  3. Bitter and SickOne Two
  4. Last Raindrop Fitz & the Tantrums
  5. CocoonMilky Chance
  6. Dust Clears (feat. Noonie Bae) Clean Bandit
  7. A Call To Arms Laura Jenson
  8. Hills to ClimbTim Myers
  9. Find A New WayYoung Love
  10. Bang My Head (feat. Sia)David Guetta
  11. BrighterPatent Pending
  12. O-O-H Child The Five Stairsteps


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