Classic Q’s: Hot vs Cold?

A. Cold, forever and always. I was born in New England and wouldn’t change it for anything. Do long winters suck? Yes, yes they do. Is there anything I hate more than the gross sand slush crap that comes after the city tries to combat the most recent snow? Likely not, since it’s a double nuisance to look at and have stick to my shoes. But despite those (and many, many other) undesirable factors of cold weather it’s always my favorite. I love seeing my breath in the air, feeling tingly either because of excitement, the need to keep warm or the oncoming lack of sensation my body’s about to undergo. Everything is so crisp and fresh, it keep you on your toes (sometimes literally – I’ll run and flounce around to keep warm) and just feels absolutely invigorating.

Along with the cold comes settling into warm nights, tucked in with blankets and cocoa and friends, or a good book or a show. And when you have to brave the freezing air from your nest of comfort diving back into it is even better. You know why? It’s thanks to the cold. So are all the cute sweaters, fuzzy socks, and best of all my warm pjs with pockets, that everyone always raves about. There is something to that. As there is with the relief of seeking solace in a warm cafe or home, cheeks flushed and a huge relief as you unravel your many layers, draping heavy jackets and scarves everywhere as you can take along, warm inhale. Oh, there are so many things I love about the cold but I think overall the energy and social warmth that comes with it, for me, are what make me so thrilled over it.

Last practical part of my argument? You can always shed layers, but once you’re too hot that’s it. Roasted and over with. Especially as a heat-sensitive person, jesus. I remember one time I was at a party, and while everyone was kicking ass at Mario Kart I was about to explode from overheating and had to run outside in the single digit weather to literally bathe myself in snow. Yeah, it was weird but also lovely and so happy. Another time we were in a blizzard, and as I was walking my dogs 2 things happened. One, we were on top of a slanted strip of grass that had snowed and frozen over, so as their paws kicked up tiny shards of ice they clinked down the ice musically, so twinkly and light. After that I plopped us down in the snow, about 2 feet high, and we just sat there watching the stars and our breath for about a half hour. Or at least, I did – can’t speak for my pups, the crazy things. But those are some pretty magical cold/snow moments that just pop into my head sometimes and make me so happy. Yeah, I’m a cold weather gal through and through.