Top Albums, Pt. 1

It’s really hard to find a band who has more than a handful of good songs, never mind a whole album worth listening to. I think they’re getting less common as music quality and expectations veer off in an . . . interesting direction, but they do exist. Scrolling through my music collection I’ve found that I actually have quite a few albums I can play full-through without having to skip anything, many more than what I’m sharing in the post. Which means that this will be a series of at least 3 parts as it stands, surely growing as time goes on. For starters here are my classic, always-trusty albums. Enjoy.

  1. Pretty. Odd. – Panic! At The Disco (2008)
    >It’s so cheery and uplifting, with a whimsical mix of melodies and lyrics that I can’t help but dance a little every listen.
  2. Floating World – Anathallo (2006)
    >Bouncing  between a variety of beautifully drawn out compositions to brief verses that make you think on them, the album is its own journey and carries you through a highly emotive story.
  3. Ocean Eyes – Owl City (2009)
    >Very young and open, the simple but clever songs are beyond easy to get caught up in. I love this in the summer.
  4. Infinity On High – Fall Out Boy (2007)
    >Need angst and middle school feelings while still touching on meaningful, if not somewhat petty topics? FOB has it covered.
  5. Want – 3OH!3 (2008)
    >The first few years anything from 3OH!3, never mind this specific album, came on I couldn’t stand it. It’s trashy, abrasive and unapologetic. And yet somehow I now know all the words and use it as a default ‘cleaning and jamming’ album. Go figure.
  6. Electra Heart – Marina and the Diamonds (2012)
    The whole album is a beautiful if not heartbreaking story, and you can feel, hear and see it through the songs and music videos. She balances light teenage fun with heavier issues and it’s stunning.
  7. Goodbye Blues – The Hush Sound (2008)
    Not exactly assertive, but pretty confident is how all their songs come across. With vocals flipping between 2 great leads the songs toss it up with a strong theme. While most tracks are more upbeat there are some more somber songs that sit with you.
  8. Tic Toc Tic – The Zolas (2009)
    >To this day the Zolas have the most unique sound I’ve heard, save for maybe Xavier Rudd and his didgeridoo. It’s haunting, but not in a sad way – it just manages to stick with you.
  9. In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery – Capital Cities (2013)
    >They’re mellow, fresh, and easy listening. In a smooth clash of dreamy and techno tunes the whole album flows seamlessly while still maintaining a firm identity for each song.
  10. My Head Is An Animal – Of Monsters and Men (2011)
    >A bit wistful and far-reaching, they take you far away with the music and story-telling.

As I said, this will be a series. Part 2 coming soon enough (this series only updates once every 4 weeks).


*Note: all links are to a full-album youtube playlist. Try them out as background noise!