Top Tunes: December ’16

December saved me. Holiday season was muted but present, and it was familiar. Yuri On Ice is a grounding anime that I started and ended in the course of 2 days, and it is forever in my favorites if not the best I’ve seen (praise for all the representation). I’m finally grounded in Kyoto, we’re talking local-vibe, and though I’m leaving soon it’s not this month. America is disappointing but what’s new? People are rallying and it’s in progress, but it’s a strong wave. I’m getting a feel for this blog and I’m excited to finally fall into its rhythm. I love my friends and I’ll miss hanging out with my AKP besties. It’s a good way to go out, 2016. Cue the music.

  1. 恋(Koi)星野源(Hoshinogen)*
    i want to hold someone’s hand while skipping cheesily. we can do the dance too. [performed on a top hits thing, now it’s everywhere]
  2. Yuri On Ice – 梅林太郎
    >anything is possible. dipping through a rising flame. [Yuri On Ice]
  3. History Maker – Dean Fujioka*
    anything is still possible. waltzing the night away. [Yuri On Ice]
  4. You Only Live OnceYURI!!! On ICE feat. w.hatano*
    >tender summer nights with friends. the infinity of a transitional time, like the pause between high school and college. [Yuri On Ice]
  5. StaRt – Mrs. GREEN APPLE
    let’s go. playing, fighting, all in one. [random Youtube stumble]
  6. Blood Sweat & Tears – BTS
    take me down the rabbit hole and dim the lights. [random Youtube stumble]
  7. Shall We Skate – 松司馬拓 featuring The Soulmatics*
    >Disney is real. your favorite singer is running across the stage giving everyone a high five. [Yuri On Ice]
  8. Come Fly With MeFrank Sinatra*
    >make a girl swoon. i’ll believe these promises. [from late night sing-alongs in Hawai‘i]
  9. Don’t Stop Me Now Queen*
    >i’m taking it all on. wrecking ball, toph, you name it i’m it. [who doesn’t know this]
  10. 十ヶ条 (Jūkajō)– Goodbye Holiday
    >we’re on the edge. the sweet nothings hurt. [karaoke with okaa-san, the screen in the lobby]
  11. Speaking – Mrs. GREEN APPLE
    >we’re going to be all right. [random Youtube stumble]
  12. Follow Me Down (feat. Neon Hitch) – 3OH!3
    >echoes in the mountain. lost and found. [looking up all of the 3OH!3 discography]
    >robots are taking over and my heartbeat is on overload. [top 10 performance. it’s always on and it’s more catchy than likable]
  14. Lovers – Sumika
    > feet tapping along and can’t wipe the grin off my face. [random Youtube stumble]
  15. Shout (You Make Me Wanna) Otis Day and the Knights*
    >i’ll throw my hands and my soul up. join me! [Blues Brothers movie, maybe?]
  16. Wide-EyedCold Weather Company
    >above the clouds. riding the currents in swooping motions. [one of those hipster winter playlists]
  17. ネイティブダンサー(Native Danser)– サカナクション
    >where are we? there are tears and no one knows why. [random Youtube stumble]

Format: Song – artist. A brief impression of it (the feel of the sound, not the lyrics) followed by where/how I found it. Order is most to least listened to. Click here for more Top Tunes (updated monthly).


*I sing along to these 🙂