Playlist: Electro-Swing That Thing, Pt. 1

I absolutely adore swing music; the vibe, the dancing, the time it sparked out of – everything. And so years ago, as I stumbled around the internet, one link lead to another and I found myself deep in a youtube spiral of electro-swing. Hip, jazzy music kept up-to-date with electric beats and remixing? Sign me the heck up. Here’s a swingin’ playlist that smooth talks you into it before lifting a bit, getting the heart pumping before grooving back down into a happy-go-lucky farewell. I recommend it if you’re not quite in a dancing mood but still want to bop around a bit in place. This is one of my favorite genres, so look out for a part 2 soon enough down the line. (Youtube playlist here.)

  1. Sweet Rascal – Jamie Berry
  2. Libella Swing – Parov Stelar
  3. Swing Bass – Buddah
  4. Hooked On Swing (Swing Bot Remix) Glenn Miller
  5. Vive Le Swing – In-Grid
  6. Dirty Stop Out – Jamie Berry
  7. Delight (feat. Octavia Rose) – Jamie Berry
  8. Booty Swing – Parov Stelar
  9. Bad Boy Good Man – Tape Five
  10. Catgroove – Parov Stelar
  11. Cool Cat In Town – Tape Five
  12. The Queen of Swing (feat. Gypsy Hill) – Swingrowers
  13. Old Records – Jamie Berry
  14. Senza Ciatu – Swingrowers

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