Here & Queer: The Basics

The first post in this series, always so fun (not). Sorry this is boring, but it’ll pick up after here. I’m queer af with a bunch of friends who also identify that way, so I think I have some pretty good background to talk on these issues. The first real post in this series will be my own breakdown of ‘sex vs gender vs sexuality’ with examples and whatnot, then break away into its own chain of madness. I want to answer questions, talk about communities across ages and countries, keep up with laws (progressive and not) and just go into some personal experiences. Some more specific upcoming posts? I’ll update y’all on:

  • being queer in Japan/New Zealand/America
  • trends in media
  • the dating scene
  • the classic *coming out* tale
  • the gay vs lesbian dichotomy
  • marriage struggles

I’d really love requests and personal experiences for this, so hit me up! If my amigos are up for it, I may be able to post a few personal stories/q&a’s from the perspective of genderqueer, bigender, and trans male peoples at the bare minimum. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!