The Liz Lowdown

Q. Who am I?
A. I’m a 20 year old undergrad from the US who’s pretty into the environment, tea, cold weather and hiking. I write a travel blog that inspired the start of this one, and I’m running with it full-force. All my life I’ve been in New England, but I love traveling and my recent journeys have given me a lot of cultural perspective. I’m a scorpio, a baker, pottery freak and really into living life to the fullest.

Q. Why am I writing this blog?
A. As I mentioned, I’m spring-boarding this off of a travel blog. I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things, I love writing, and I want to spread awareness on a lot of issues. So why not get that all out on a blog? I also want to feature the voices of people I meet along the way: friends, family, strangers, anyone goes. I think there are so many great stories out there that need a platform beyond the annual Christmas party, a drunken tale or the get-to-know-me spiel. I’d love to be that platform, so I happily invite anyone who’s interested to check out what that’s all about and write in with your story!

Q. What do I plan on writing about?
A. There’s a better answer on specific series here, but beyond those? I want to keep it fun with a lot of random topics, which will come out the most. But I also want to record some memories, you know those random moments that vividly flash through your mind sometimes maybe 5, 10 years later? Sometimes it’s a classic homey tradition, other times it was this kind of insignificant one-time thing? Yeah, i love those and want to keep them all written down somewhere. That would be here.


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