Post Schedule

This blog updates 4 times/week if all goes according to plan. Things are still in the works for finalizing details, but here’s the posting schedule as of the moment. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are when the magic happens. Saturday will feature various writings from whoever wants to have their voice heard (look to the submission guidelines if you’re interested) in the form of fiction, personal experiences, essays and way more. Friends, strangers, I invite you to submit something and share your voices!

Now for the semi-specifics. Below is a post table that I’ll be following for sure by January, before then is TBD; I’m running on 4-week cycles. A ‘Top Tunes‘ post will come out at the end of every month. Holidays may be exceptions, and I will continue to update this as changes occur.




* Thought Dump Write-In Classic Q’s


* Thought Dump ^ Playlist
3 * Memory ^

Classic Q’s

4 Top . . . Series Thought Dump ^

Foreign Tunes

*any random rotation of posts from my series, which you can learn about here.