The Series

What is this clown writing about? Anything and everything! While I may have mini-series and whatnot going on in my random thought dumps, there are things I’m interested in and intend to write about with some frequency. Below are the series with brief descriptions, and while all of them aren’t posted yet they are linked, so check them out sometime.

Classic Q’s
We all know these questions – dogs vs cats, mountains vs ocean, coffee vs tea, the works. But do you know me? As a break from the heavy schedule of hot topics and my busy daily life, I’ll be doing a bit of Sunday-funday to break the ice with readers and share where I fall on these ridiculous questions. I think what’s always more interesting about these is the ‘why’, so you can bet your butt these will all come with way more than you wanted to know about me and my choices.

College Life
As someone attending undergrad I’ve had plenty of experiences, good and bad, that make me somewhat-qualified to advise people on college. Whether it’s the lowdown on the social scene, navigating courses or the straight-up crazy things that happen on a college campus, I’ll try to capture it through this series of advice/experiences.

Here & Queer
I’m queer, here and damn proud of it. But this isn’t always the case. Starting from the basics of understanding genders, sexualities and how they exist independently of each other, I’ll slowly be building up to addressing current issues, looking into personal experiences and hopefully interviewing people from the community for ‘a day in the life of a (insert queer here)’ type of thing. I’m aspiring to collect a long pile of narratives and my own observations on what it is to be queer in the present.

Life As A Lady
I’m a lady (at least, that’s what my mom tells me with *the look* when I burp at the table . . .). In today’s world that brings a lot of connotations with it: delicate, weak, shy, lesser, and whatever else people like to claim. I say they’re wrong. From exploring what it is to be a woman to the way we have to navigate the world, i.e. dating, careers, clothes shopping and so much more, I’m hoping to give and get insights on what women live through everyday.

Top . . . Series
The classic ‘what is your favorite           ‘ selection of posts from yours truly. I’m going from basics to things you never cared about: tv shows, flowers, kitchen gadgets, awkward situations, etcetera. If you have a request for me feel free to comment on the post or contact me here.

First . . . Series
Another classic, my list of ‘firsts’. First concert, first piercing(s), first relationship, first time I went to Broadway . . . anything goes. These will likely be less frequent than the other series but still a contender.


*Note, for all of these I’m more than happy to take requests, conduct interviews with people, dive into research and more if you want to hear about something specific. Please feel free to comment on the post that sparked your interest or contact me here. I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions.