A lot of us have great stories, whether they’re from your life, a friend’s, or plain old imagination. I want to hear them, and I’m sure other people do to. So here’s the chance for you to share your stuff. I’ll accept anything: short stories, that one fun party story, your grandma’s hilarious childhood tales, college essays, songs, poetry – you name it. Need more prompting? Think of personal experiences (i.e. being the middle child, finding a passion, a your frustration with or expertise on            , etcetera), something you love and want to explain/people to know about, one of those crazy days where everything went weird, wrong or who knows what and you find it worth sharing. You can even message me if you’re unclear or want an okay on a piece. I just want your voice, however it comes. Now, how exactly do I want these write-ins?

If it’s an old piece you’re proud of, just read it over in case it needs a brush up then send her over. If it’s an oral story you’re finally writing down, give it your voice! If I can’t actually hear you telling it, I want to feel it in the way you write it. As for fiction, give it your best and if it’s a multi-part series, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you a multi-week feature. Something you’re passionate about? Explain it in-depth so we can all fall in love with it! These pieces can be as formal as low-key as you’d like. I’m hoping to showcase a variety of works, so don’t feel like there’s a ‘right type’ of submission.

Now for technical stuff. I’m looking for ~500 words minimum, no max. Please grammar check yourself, since I’m not looking for this to be an exercise in my editing skills. Most importantly, due to submission formatting, I need submissions to have a (P) inserted before line or paragraph breaks. Sorry it’s obnoxious, but the form turns everything into an obnoxious blob of words. In addition to the piece, please include a title, type of writing (memory, essay, etc), a blurb on the piece and a bio. The blurb and bio should both be between 2-6 sentences, and can be as personal or impersonal as you’d like. Please include your name (a nickname will do) and where you’re from!

If you’re aiming to be my write-in of the week, please submit something by Wednesday night. If you’re in North America that’s currently my Thursday mid-day, and I want some time to read and format your work. Plus, if I need to contact you about something that takes time. As more people write in I may get backlogged, so I’ll try to keep you updated as that happens.

All submissions can be sent in HERE.